Welcome to KDU Library

The Library aims at supporting the KDU's Learning and Teaching initiative. The Library provides print and electronic resources, reference service and information literacy programmes which are crucial for the teaching and learning strategies.

The Library is affiliated to the libraries within the Paramount Education Division, namely, the library in the University College’s Utropolis Glenmarie, KDU College Petaling Jaya as well as libraries in KDU College Penang and Sekolah Sri KDU.


Changing lives and enriching communities for a better world.

  • We deliver superior products and services that benefit society, and shape future generations of leaders and thinkers.
  • We care for the safety and health of our people, and we believe in developing their talents through empowerment and enabling them to maximise their potential.
  • We grow our businesses to deliver sustainable and responsible shareholder returns while ensuring that we continue to protect our environment
  • We must be bold in technological innovations to be market leaders in our core businesses.
  • We will leverage on the synergies within our business ecosystem to create unique product offerings.

  • Trust
  • We will strive to strengthen the faith that our shareholders, customers and the community have placed upon us to deliver sustainable returns.
  • Respect
  • We respect people as individuals, care for their well-being, and welcome diversity in capability and background. We encourage positive teamwork and expect everyone to be open, candid and constructive in their comments and suggestions and always seek to help our colleagues inside and outside Paramount.
  • Integrity
  • We expect to do what is right, not only what is allowed.  We believe in absolute honesty and strong principles of uncompromising ethical and moral behaviour from everyone - our employees as well as those who do business with us.  Integrity must not only be heard but must also be seen in action at all times.
  • Bravery
  • We must have the courage to stand up for what we believe in and be bold enough to venture into new areas and businesses.
  • Energy
  • We embrace the future with vitality and vigour, exhibiting innovativeness and entrepreneurship in the true spirit upon which the company was founded.

  1. To provide adequate and relevant information resources(both electronically and in print)
  2. To provide efficient and relevant services
  3. To create an "engaging space" to inspire learning
  4. To embrace IT solutions for traditional services

 The charter represents a written document of the Library's effort and commitment in providing a range of services and facilities to users as well as outlining the Library's expectations for users.

We shall:

Provide you with resources to meet your information needs

Teach you on how to identify and use of resources

Respond to all reference and information enquiries in a timely manner

Provide you a comfortable, well-maintained and conducive to study environment

Treat you with respect

Respond feedback and/ or complaint on the services and facilities based on the procedure outlined by Quality Assurance Department

We ask you to:

Advise us of any resources that will help enhance library collection

Make full use of the resources available to enhance your learning, teaching and research experience

Treat us and your fellow users with respect

Observe library rules, including but not limited to, use of library resources, use of designated areas and consumption of food and drinks

Opening Hours

The opening hours of the Library throughout the year are:

Utropolis Glenmarie 

Mon - Fri : 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sat : 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Sun & Public Holidays : Closed

Damansara Jaya 

Mon - Fri : 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sat : 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Sun & Public Holidays : Closed

All services at the counter will cease 15 minutes before closing time.

There will be prior notification to any changes in opening hours.

Access to 24/7 Study Spaces

An extension of the Library after the Library opening hours.

It is open 24 hours - 7 days every week.


  • Silent Room, Students Accommodation, Utropolis Glenmarie
  • 24/7, Ground Floor, Damansara Jaya


Our Collections

  • AV Material Collection*
  • Examination Papers Collection (also available online)
  • Malaysiana Collection
  • Newspaper Collection
  • Open Shelf Collection
  • Periodicals Collection
  • Reference Collection
  • Short Loan Collection
  • Student Projects Collection*

* Available only in Damansara Jaya