Library Services

In support of the College’s Smart Learning and Teaching initiative, the Library provides a range of services that will enhance the quality of teaching, learning and research.

Loan Services

Borrowing Privileges

Type of membership Books Audio Visual 
Materials (AV)
Loan Period
Open Shelf (OS) Loan Period Short Loan (SL) Loan Period

Academic staff (Full-time)

20 items 1 month 3 items 1 week 2 items 1 week

Academic staff (Part-time)

4 items 2 weeks 1 item 1 week 1 item 1 week
Support staff (Full-time)

5 items

1 month

1 item

1 week

1 item

1 week

Support staff (Part-time)

4 items

2 weeks

1 item

1 week

1 item

1 week

Postgraduate Students 7 items 2 weeks 1 item

3 days

1 item 4 hours
Undergraduate Students 4 items 2 weeks 1 item

3 days

1 item 4 hours
External Members
Staff of Paramount Group Companies 2 items 2 weeks -


- -
Alumni 2 items 2 weeks -


- -
Other External Parties* 2 items 2 weeks -


- -
Yearly membership fee collection is compulsory

*Deposit is collected upon loan request.



Open Shelf
Collection of books in which users have unrestricted access

Short Loan
It is not possible for Library to buy enough copies for every user to borrow a copy at the same time. For this reason, Short Loan collection is made available to maximise access by large numbers of users.

Teaching Resources
Materials requested by academic staff for the course that he/ she is teaching. The Academic staff can request to convert books from the Open Shelf books to become their Teaching Resources with maximum 10 items for Full Time academic staff and 4 items for Part Time academic staff.

Loan Period:
Full Time Academic Staff - Up to six months.
Part Time Academic Staff – Up to six months or to the end date of their contract issued by the Human Resources Department.


Renewal Policies

Renewal can be done at the library circulation counter or via:
a) online
b) email, or
c) telephone

provided no one else has reserved the item.

Open Shelf
• Students are allowed to renew items from this collection only once.
• Academic and support staff are allowed to renew items from this collection. There is no limit to the number of times the items are renewed.

Short Loan
• Students and support staff are not allowed to renew items from this collection.
• Academic staff may renew items from this collection in person only, at the library circulation counter.

Teaching Resouces
• If the item is required for another six months, Academic staff will have to renew items from this collection in person only, at the library circulation counter. Teaching Resource items may be renewed online or via the phone, however, the loan period of these renewals will be for the period of 1 month (for Full Time Academic Staff) or 2 weeks (for Part Time Academic Staff).


Fine Policies  

Library users are responsible for knowing the Library's Fines Policies. Failure to understand these policies will not excuse you from payment of late return fines or for billed library material. Please refer to the Fines information below, or consult with staff for fine or billing amount.


Collection type Fine
Open Shelf RM 1.00/ day
Short Loan* RM 10.00/ day             
Audio Visual material (Staff) RM 1.00/ day
Audio Visual material (Student) RM 1.00/ hour

* There will be an overdue fine of RM10 per day on short loan, for first day returned late, then RM10 per day for each subsequent day. The high fine for short loan item is to encourage users to remember to return it on time so that everyone will have access to it.


Lost Items

Lost Item Fine
Once past the 30th day from the due date, an item borrowed on your Library account will be billed either a default lost book fine of RM500.00 or the amount paid by the Library. As the item will be considered lost, and you will be blocked from borrowing library materials. If you return the fined item, the lost book fine will be waived, but you will be held liable for the overdue fine incurred.

Replacing an Item Yourself
If you choose to replace an item yourself there will be a RM15.00 Processing Fee. The item must be the same edition or newer. If the lost item was hardback, it must be replaced with a hardback. Used copy will not be acceptable as a replacement.

  Fine Processing Fee   Total Fine
Lost Item Current value of the item on the market


Fine value + processing Fee + overdue fine (if any)
Slightly damaged RM30.00 RM15.00 Fine value + processing Fee + overdue fine (if any)
Severely damaged RM50.00 RM15.00 Fine value + processing Fee + overdue fine (if any)
Reference & Help Desk

Experienced librarians are on hand to answer reference and research queries. Please ask for assistance if you encounter difficulties accessing information in the Library.


A special arrangement has been established to provide access to Library resources located in UG and DJ. This allows users to go directly to another library and borrow the resources. In the event that the users are not able to go to the lending library, the home library provides despatch service to transfer the item from the lending library to the users at home library.

The following is the despatch service provided:

 Lending library  Item request placed at the home library   Item ready for collection at the home library
 Item located in KDU UC  Before 10:00am  By 2:00pm onwards on the same day
 Item located in KDU UC  After 10:00am  The next working day
 Item located in KDU C  Before 9:00am  By 2:00pm onwards on the same day
 Item located in KDU C  After 9:00am  The next working day
Library Orientation & Info Literacy

Library Orientation 

The Library conducts orientation sessions for all new students at the beginning of semesters. This is to familiarize students with the collections, services and facilities of the Library.


Information Literacy

In this information age, it is essential to be information literate, that is to know how to find the right information at the right time, how to evaluate the information and use it effectively. These are the skills which will enable individuals to solve problems, think critically and make informed decisions. Such skills are not only required to help students through their university studies but these are life-long skills that will enable individuals to take an active part in today’s information rich society. The Library conducts information skills workshops to hone information seeking skills of students. This course will incorporate:

1. How information is organized.
2. How to look for information
3. How to evaluate information
4. How to document sources (Referencing / Citation)

Students are taught how to use library resources, access the Library’s OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) and how to search electronic databases to obtain information from online journals as well as how to search the Internet effectively. To learn to use information ethically and avoid accusations of plagiarism, students are also taught to document sources of information.

Document Delivery
For journal articles, chapters of books and conference papers that the Library does not hold, photocopies may be obtained from other libraries either locally or from abroad. This is done on request from staff and students. Please see librarian for this service.